Masterpiece Lite

Riva Pomerantz here, and my passion is to empower writers to make their dreams come true.

My Masterpiece Writing Communities for frum women and teens offer tons of support, feedback, and friendship, plus special pro workshops from the biggest names in the writing world.

But I know that there are writers who don’t have the time for community right now, or their access to the internet is very limited. That’s why I’ve decided to create Masterpiece Lite, an email-only power-packed boost.

Here are the features I offer. Choose what suits your needs best:


$ 20
Per Month
  • Access to all past workshops and forums
  • Support, feedback, and brainstorming
  • Expert workshops from the best writers in the industry


$ 10
Per Month
  • Weekly pro-tip emails from Riva
  • No internet connection required
  • Bite-size content to keep you on track

You’ll get a professional tip, tutorial or demo from me each and every week, b’ezras Hashem, to catapult your writing to new heights and spark your creativity like never before. My style is validating, practical, and pretty funny (at least I think so, but don’t ask my kids! 😁)). Read some samples HERE

SIGN UP for Masterpiece Lite for just $10/month (You’ll receive 4-5 segments every month!)

I also love spoiling my people, so as a premium subscriber, you can also expect exclusive offers and freebies. Stay tuned!

Here’s an email I just got from one of my Masterpiece teens:

“I just wanted to let you know that a fiction story I wrote is IYH being published in the Family First’s Shavuos issue!
Thank you so much for all your classes and tips! I wouldn’t have been celebrating this milestone without you!
Thanks a million. hope you’re shepping nachas 😜”

I encourage you to invest in yourself and take your craft to the next level.
Looking forward to having you on-board with me on this wonderful, wild writing journey.
Much love,
Looking forward to having you on-board with me on this wonderful, wild writing journey.
Take your craft to the next level!